Our Team

Rudy L. Hawkins

Founder & President

Rudy Hawkins was born in Richmond VA and raised in Chesterfield, VA. He formed Rudy L. Hawkins Electrical in 1972, and over the last 45 years has overseen the overall direction of the company. Full Bio>

  • rhawkins@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Travis W. Hawkins

VP & Director of VA Operations

Travis has over 25 years of experience and spent 12 years in the field. Upon entering the office, Travis worked closely with Rudy to estimate projects and currently handles the company’s power generation clientele. Full Bio>

  • thawkins@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

N. David Austin

Vice President

David Austin is a Vice President, and has been a shareholder at Rudy L. Hawkins Electrical for over 30 years. He performs estimating work, and oversees industrial electrical maintenance at several of the company’s anchor client facilities. Full Bio>

  • daustin@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

D. Craig Kirksey

Director of NC Operations

D. Craig Kirksey, Operations Director for North Carolina, has over 17 years of experience with the Company, and is in charge of all facets of the business in that state. Full Bio>

  • ckirksey@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Bo Brooks

Sales Engineer

Bo joined the Rudy L. Hawkins Electrical team in June of 2017 as Regional Sales Manager for the Automation and Controls Division. Bo has acquired more than 20 years of experience as an automation distributor in the disciplines of both Sales and System Application. Full Bio>

  • bbrooks@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Robbie L. Graham

Dir. Of Fiber Optics & Comm. Networking

Robbie is a Journeyman Electrician and has acquired over 23 years of experience in the Industrial Power Distribution field, including Fiber Optics. Full Bio>

  • rgraham@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Tom R. Jenkins

Dir. of Business Development

Tom joined the Company as Director of Business Development in February of 2008, and is currently responsible for enhancing the Company’s market position and growth continuity. Full Bio>

  • tjenkins@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Travis Koogler

Corporate Safety Director

Travis has an expert background in Construction Safety, and has worked as the Company Safety Officer for over 10 years. He is a certified OSHA 500 Instructor, an MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 Instructor, and is also trained in First Aid and Adult CPR. Full Bio>

  • tkoogler@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Debbie Crowder


Debbie Crowder was born in Petersburg, VA and raised in Dinwiddie, VA. At the present time, she oversees all administrative duties to include contracts and reconciling all accounting for the CPA. Full Bio>

  • dcrowder@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com

Jessica Koogler

Human Resources

Jessica joined the Company in 2011, and currently holds the position of Human Resource Administrator. Her tasks include managing the Company Payroll as well as the Employee Insurance Plan. Full Bio>

  • jkoogler@RudyLHawkinsElectrical.com